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Dog Games-Part Two

Here continues part two of 10 Fun Games You Can Play with Your Dog

Hula Hoop

This game has two levels of play.  At first place the hula hoop on the ground.  Run with your dog to the center.

Each time you are in the center praise your dog.  Eventually they will know to run to the center of the hula hoop when you place it on the ground. 

Move the hoop to different spots and have your dog run to its new location.

The next step is to hold the hula hoop up and teach your dog to run and jump through it. As your dog gets the idea of jumping through the hula hoop you can begin to raise it higher and higher.

Retrieving the Newspaper

Dog Retrieving NewspaperThis is a fun game and actual job that your dog will enjoy.  Dogs love to have jobs and this is a perfect one for them.    Using the command “get the paper” run with them out to where the newspaper is located each morning. 

Pick up the newspaper and run it in to the house.  Do this for a few days.  The next step is to put it in your dog’s mouth and run with them back in the house.  Extend out your hand like your do with Fetch.  Eventually they will learn to get the paper and bring it in on their own.

Treasure Hunt

This is a game where you will hide a favorite toy or object somewhere in the house and your dog must find it.  Think of a command like “where’s your bone?”  Every time you say that encourage your dog to find the item. 

At first you will have to go to a few places and then the right spot where you  have hidden the bone. Your dog will naturally follow you and eventually get the idea to look around on its own.

Hide and Go Seek

This is where you hide somewhere in the house or yard and then call out for your dog to come find you.  You can simply have your dog sit and stay in one room while you go hide somewhere else.  After you have hidden yell the dogs name and say “come”.  They will love this game.

Follow the Leader

In this game you just run all around your house, yard, in and out of rooms, up and down stairs and have your dog chase after you.

Shell Game

This is a really fun game that will impress all your friends.   Have your dog sit and stay in one room.  You go into another room and place a dog treat under one of several identical buckets placed upside down.  Call your dog into the room and think of a command like “find the bucket”.  Use the same command every time.  And be sure to switch the location of the treat each time. 

You will be amazed, but using its very sensitive ability smell your dog will guess the correct bucket every time.    You will know it because they spend more time sniffing around the correct bucket than the others. 

You can even teach them to sit in front of the correct bucket, which will be very impressive.  Be sure to reward them each time by letting them eat the treat they have found. 

If you missd it, part one of 10 Fun Games You Can Play with Your Dog is located here.